January 5, 2014

2013 – Season Wrap-up – Year Three

The 2013 season was our third year back after our seven years away from racing and things are starting to go our way. While years one and two featured lots of mechanical failures as we continued to locate and fix and replace old worn out parts year three had only minor problems and we found our way to the Winners Circle.  We also accumulated fresh and updated run data and started to go rounds.  Our first win came in July at Estevan where we won the five round A-side Dennis Neelin Memorial Race and was followed by a Superstreet runner-up in the Medicine Hat National Open. We also had good outings at the Medicine Hat Big Buck Race where we won nine rounds over three days and finished the season in Swift Current with a semi-final finish. Our home track, Saskatchewan International Raceway was not as accommodating as we only won one round in the five races we attended. In summary our year was as follows:

  • 10 Race Events Attended comprising 15 race days at five different tracks. We also lost three events to rain.
  • 16,890 Kilometers driven attending events, maintaining the Cuda and attending to sponsorship commitments.
  • 69 Total runs for the Year comprising 37 test n tune and time trails; 32 eliminator runs with 19 round wins and 13 losses.
  • And it was hot. The average temperature during  all eliminations was 80 degrees F (27 degrees C); Medicine Hats two events had an average eliminations temperature of 87 degrees F (31 degrees c)
  • We did not improve on our previous best performance of 10.486 ET at 125.44 MPH. However a change in starting line RPM to 4000 from 3600 in August resulted in an improved 60 ft. time of 1.379 from our previous best of 1.41. As soon as we learn how to use this improved 60 ft. time we anticipate improving our ET’s to low 10.40’s.

Next year is shaping up to be a busy year as we work on our schedule. We have a verbal commitment from Quality Tire Service to return as our major sponsor for 2014 and will finalize the details as soon as we have a firm schedule. And it is going to get warm again (it is minus 46 degrees F as I write) and we will be able to spend the summer complaining about the heat while we race across Saskatchewan, Alberta, Montana, Utah and Nevada.

See you next year.

George and Diane


Knight Motorsports



Knight Motorsports



Ken Goldade from Medicine Hat won Superstreet both days at the Medicine  Hat Drag Racing Association NHRA National Open.



Bobbi Legner from Sturgis, SD came to Medicine Hat and unfortunately lost in the first round of Superstreet both days.



Although the Superstreet Barracuda only managed to runner-up one day at the NHRA National Open in Medicine Hat Knight Motorsports was not completely shut-out as Taliya Knight won her first Wally winning Junior Dragster Storm.


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